Various and persistent packaging problems.


I do not know why, but with every version of the engine is always a big amount of bugs with the packaging, automation tool unable to start, packaged game not working. And these problems seem to happen randomly.

for example, I just installed an ssd in my computer to use as my windows drive, made a clone of my project to the ssd, as I was afraid my hdd was gonna die on me, and now I just can’t package my project anymore.

I cannot think of a single version of the engine on wish packaging worked well.

please EPIC, could you do something about it.

Edit: Using windows 8.1, unreal engine 4.10.4

Hi JX53mb,

Can you post any logs to see what errors you’re running into while packaging? Without the context of the logs to see where the packaging is failing it’s near impossible to pinpoint what your issue may be.

Also include any details like what platform you’re packaging for, development or shipping, etc.

Can you also make a post in the Packaging and Deployment section of the AnswerHub. While we cannot guarantee support there the support staff are active in that section to try and assist where possible.

Thank you!


hi Tim, I worked around the issue by creating a new project and pasting the content folder of my project in it, and importing back all my project settings, then this project thats was not made using the “clone” option of the launcher can package just fine. Even now, I have to manually rename the executable’s name in the folder of my packaged game to avoid errors. Pretty redundants.

looks like the clone function break the packaging process for the cloned project. I’ll try to re-clone my working project and provide you with a log. Also will write down the error message I am getting when starting my packaged game without renaming it manually.

Juste give me a few minutes.

I am not too sure wich log file would help you but here is at what line the packaging end-up failing:

MainFrameActions: Packaging (Windows (64-bit)): RunUAT.bat ERROR: AutomationTool was unable to run successfully.
MainFrameActions: Packaging (Windows (64-bit)): BUILD FAILED

Also when packaging was a success, my packaged game gives me this error message at start: “Failed to open descriptor file”. Renaming the executable file to the name of the project solves this one, but it is still pretty weird and a little bit of a pain to do each time I package.

I am packaging for win64, shipping mode.