Variable 'old school' glowing button material

trying to get my head around how I might replicate the glowing buttons like in this image.

I want to be able to change base/plastic colours and also the ‘decal numbers’ on them so that I can make one material that will generate a large amount of individual button variations using variables, some illuminated, different decals etc.

I am especially interested in keeping that sort of ‘hotspot glow’ you can see where you are almost seeing the bulbs hotspot through the tranparent coloured plastic material on top giving that old school button look.

Is there also a way of easily applying ‘number’ decals to each button 1,2,3, Launch etc without having to place each one?. I was wondering if there is maybe a way to have one texture with every number and word on it that I want to use then somehow mask or coordinate each to each button. using variables etc.

Being new to the materials in Unreal and available nodes - texturing in general basically - Can anyone give me some pointers on what layers/nodes might be best use to achieve this look. have looked around the Marketplace but can’t find anything that works/helps already.

Any pointers, hugely appreciated!