Vanilla UE4: FBX objects are split for no reason (v 4.2x )

This doesn’t happen in UE 4.22 CSS

I want to unwrap a mesh so I can create a texture for my mesh, however, i can’t find an unwrap option in that specific version, i thought the latest standard version of UE would allow me to do this but instead it just destroys the fbx i’m importing.

I’m unable to do an unwrap in the software used to create my mesh so this is really bugging me as i just want it exported to a file i can manipulate externally to create a suitable texture for a complex mesh shape

Can someone help me figure this one out?

example FBX file attached below (remove .txt extension)

About UV Maybe there is a plugin for that, I don’t know but probably a terrible idea. UE4 is not a 3d mesh edit software. It can “auto” generate UV lightmap which is a different thing and you should not use that too. Do the UV inside A 3d software like Blender
Your mesh is an old FBX 6000 format, I had to convert it to fbx 7100 to open it with blender (thanks paint 3D). It would be much easier to make a new one than to fix that. It has multiple groups and a root bone for transformation.

Ok so I remade the mesh. It’s based on your previoux fbx. This is far from perfect but that should do it. I checked the UV in substance painter and there is no overlapping shadows or anything. You can start painting it in the software you want right away. Tell me if there is anything wrong but you should be ok with that mesh.


Edit: Reuploaded at correct scale.