VALVE VIVE + Unreal engine +NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980


I am looking for a new hardware configuration.
I use UE4 and i am also interestd to use the HMD VIVE within UNREAL ENGINE.

I am looking for a very realitistic render in real time: virtual visit, serious games…
But i am not sure about the hardware configuration.

Is someone knows the performences of the graphic care NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980? What kind of hardware configuration i should use if i want to obtain a best result.
My global investment (maximum) ~ 3000 euros. (integrating this graphic card)

Thanks a lot in advance for your advices!!!..

If you have that much, you could look at a Titan X. I’m not sure how much a Vive dev kit would cost, though.

The HTC Vive dev kit is not yet for sale, and will not be during the next month. They give it out for free to developers, you can apply for one and if they like your game, you will get a free devkit.