Value bouncing when setting a getting an input value in a animation blueprint.

I’m try to pass input values from the Character pawn into an animation blueprint.

So on the pawn I have the input axis stored in a variable called AxisSpeedForward.

Then in the animationbp I get it from the pawn owner and cast to the animbp and store AxisSpeedForward in Speed.

The problem is the AxisSpeedForward keeps bouncing from 0 to 1 . It doesn’t do this in the pawn, just the animationBP

How do I fix this? Or how can I cleanly pass the value though without the bouncing.


Its correct behavior.
0 means you not holding moveforward button, 1 = you are holding it.
If you want smooth animation transition in anim bp, get pawn speed instead of axis input.
Pawn speed is increasing smoothly when max and accel. speeds are set correctly.
Or you have some other issue?

The value is rapidly flip flopping while I’m holding down the button. 0 one frame 1 the next.