UWidgetComponent on ACharacter not being destroyed on server travel

Hey everyone and Happy Holidays,

Looking for some feedback on this issue we are having in UE4 4.18.1 && 4.18.2.

I have a UWidgetComponent on my player that is set to screen space. It has a Widget blueprint that is created from a UUserWidget C++ class assigned on it in the blueprint. The issue at hand is that the widgets are staying on screen for clients on server travel. The weird thing is, we have widgets with the same framework on other actors in the scene that are not parented to any player that get destroyed properly. We have tried adding the different destroy/visibility functions for the uwidgetcomponent within the player class BeginDestroy() method yet it is still not being removed. We do know that the code is reaching those points as we have debugged it.

If anyone has any insight into this issue it would be greatly appreciated.


We figured it out. We were simply calling our hide function in an incorrect location for the client. Since when a client it told to travel, their BeginDestroy function is called too late we had to move the functionality to the Pre-Client Travel function.

Enjoy the holidays all!
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The same bug is still occurring. We thought it was gone but its just intermittent now.