UV Techniques in Maya before Import

Hi great people!

Firstly I just want to apologize if this is a repeated thread here on the forums, but I couldn’t find any containing this info I am looking for. If I overlooked some threads containing the answer to this riddle I am sorry I am re-posting it…again.
So with that out of the way, onto my problem.

I am doing an architectural model that I want to bring into unreal for a competition I am entering. I am in the stage of UV mapping it, and I had some questions about techniques that the Unreal engine prefers further down the line. So when I am laying everything out in the UV set, I was thinking of preserving the UV space by overlapping similar shapes (walls, roofs etc). So I was wondering if this will create a problem further down the line? When I was looking for threads containing this info I saw a lot of people having problems with UV’s being overlapped and that the lightmap baking would not work. Then I found this document in the rendering techniques pinned post on the forum here (, and it basically said that every UV needs a unique position on the UV set. But I just want to make sure that it has to be non-overlapping even when I UV map it in Maya, so I won’t have to change it further down the line.

I have a good amount of years of experience with Maya so I wont bother you guys with specific UV mapping techniques in Maya :slight_smile: This is more a workflow question I guess.
If you need screenshots or anything just let me know!
Greatly appreciated!

  • Eirik M.

Welcome to the forums Eirik! You can overlap UVs for the texture work (your primary set), I do it all the time. However lightmaps will not allow UV overlapping, so be sure to create a separate UV set in maya and separate any UVs that are overlapping. When you import into UE4 it should automatically direct it to use the second set as your lightmap UVs. Hope this helps, and good luck with your competition. =)

Thank you very much SE_JonF! This makes more sense. And a very neat way of doing it I must say! :slight_smile:

Anytime! Let us know if you have any more questions. =)