UTextureRenderTarget2D to ID3D11Texture

Hello, so the short summary is that i’m trying to get openvr to work with the game Satisfactory.
This means that i dont really have access to compiling the game itself and have to do everything though unreal plugins.

And inorder to do this, i have loaded the openvr.dll and .lib file into the editor and created plugin for wrapping the functions.
I have likewise created two UTextureRenderTarget2D and two cameras which i would like to use for rendering the eyes of my VRHeadset.

I am however unable to figure out how i would convert a UTextureRenderTarget2D into a ID3D11Texture which can be submitted to the openvr submit function.

Underneat is the openvr texture_t struct.


The right_texture in the image below is of the type Texture_t from the picture above.
And i need to give a handle to a D3D11 texture in the handle variable.

Any help is appreciated, and i am hoping someone can point me in the right direction.
Anyways best regards.