UT game mode DEATH RACE!

Hey I have a idea but I’m not really sure how to go about it I haven’t used unreal engine since UT 2004 and have very little knowledge with coding, but I would like to propose an idea, A death race type of match much how we used the vehicles In UT 2K4 but with one driver and one shooter. The driver would obviously be in control on the Vehicle but also have the ability to control a mini nuke weapon that spawns on a third lap or last 70%-80% of a sprint, the shooter would then be able move around vehicle using the WASD and space keys (A-left D-right - S-rear window W-front passenger space-top turret or nuke weapon if permission given from driver) the co pilot would also be able to use main game weapons to shoot from the said positions, each vehicle would be able to re-spawn immediately (sort of like CTR form PS1 ;] ) but with a vortex launching them at average speed 2-4 places behind the player who killed them, this would also Have to be something that could be transferred to VR as well. its something that if i was involved i would want the in car movement to be as realistic as possible to give true immersion.

the maps would range from circuit, sprint and multi level type races. also for us vintage Gamers I would like to throw in some Mario and CTR type maps for lolz and nostalgia I mean we gotta remember where we come from lol

what do all think and would this be something that you would be interested in seeing in unreal tournament.

its something I would like to be involved in as well i don’t mind side lining on this one, but i would love to be involved in some way as i do have experience in making custom maps although rudimentary compared to current maps i like to think i did some amazing shiz, well for a 14 year old. don’t worry i don’t build box rooms :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey dude, and welcome to the forum. Unfortunately, I am not sure if this is the right sub-forum to post on, as it seems you’re looking for a team/anyone interested in working on a project with you. If this is the case, head on over to the Got Skills/Looking for Talent? area of the forums.
Happy creating!