UT Editor - 'Install failed, could not download patch'

Just installing the new UT editor through the Epic Launcher for the first time.
UT plays fine, but I am keen to start editing again (and teach my very keen 9yo).
Just hope you can help with my halted install.
Thank you.

Hi zzzzYeti,

Try the troubleshooting steps in this section of the troubleshooting guide.

If nothing works, follow the steps here to generate your Debug Logs. Post them here, along with your Dxdiag/system specs.

I followed the advice in the troubleshooting guide (repeatedly).
Diirect X is below. Logs are in the original post.
Thank you.

Just BTW - if I start the now partly installed U4Editor I get message

Failed to import ‘G:/Epic Games/UnrealTournamentEditor/.ViWVW/Install/FeaturePacks/StarterContent.upack’. Failed to create asset ‘/Game/StarterContent’

It is saying it is v4.8 so I am just guessing it has failed to patch to v4.9.

I know that info is probably far from helpful, but I am just trying to fix it myself. Considering how long this engine has been evolving my chances are minimal. But back in UT99 we did have a hands on attitude. Reading through all the logs didn’t edify me much, but then I do not know what is normal.

I just hope you can help me. I have spent about 20,000 hours in my life with the Unreal engine but not for the last 7 years. Fond memories that will last. And I have a very keen 9yo boy who wants to get started so I persevere.

Hi zzzzYeti,

Thank you for the information. The logs that you included are the standard one. Could you please send the debug logs? They will be more verbose and contain some additional information for us. You can find the steps to generate them steps here.

I have cancelled the install, deleting the 20GB installed.- using the launcher. It has re-installed 6GB so far. It will take about another 20 hours to load the rest, using my Australian standard 300 KB/sec state of Oz art top ISP. If it fails again (like last time with 2GB to go), I will post here.
Thank you so much for your attempts to help.

Hi zzzzYeti,

Yes, please keep me updated via this post.

YAAY. The new Install has been successful. It was not un-eventful, even including a blue screen of death with core dump (something I have not seen for a year). But the launcher resumed quite happily after restart. The download consistently used all my bandwidth, which was very pleasing, so it was as fast as possible (for Oz).
After install, I launched the editor and it opened on the lovely Example_Map, the tutorials work fine, everything moves and works as expected. It’s Wonderful!
Now it is all up to me. I need to get a production quality map done as fast as possible.‘Form follows Function’ - gotta move fast and smooth.
Thank you so much. Epic has always been really marvellous. Your personal input spurred me to fix it.