Using Video Games To Cure Diseases and solve massive issues?

Fold@home is an interesting application where people lend a portion of their connected computer to collectively calculate the folding of proteins. Could that process be implemented into a new or an existing game? Imagine for example a server full of players competing against an AI, which procedurally evolves as more and more missions are completed. That AI could represent the challenges with calculating the folding of proteins and as more and more challenges are solved, the AI updates with new challenges. It could be in the form of terrain that we need to seize, which again, evolves procedurally. It might be the tactics and strategies applied, or perhaps some brand new type of game play. It can in fact, be anything. As long as we are met with a playable version of some sort of a code, that reacts to how we deal with it.

Now imagine a popular game like Fortnite, where we all play as one team, united against a common enemy, with millions of players fighting bots and overcoming hurdles.
Add competition into the mix where you get upgrades for accomplishing certain tasks and would become the coolest of all. That competition might include rewards that gamers like.
Another thing people worry about is climate change. What if we could predict weather patterns better, by fetching calculated results from within video games?
I’m a visionary and don’t have any skills or expertise on how to exactly carry this task out, however, with gaming being such a huge market, I say we try and take advantage of all these “working” hours and reap a huge bonus for the 8 billion of us in the process.

@EPIC, what is the challenge here?

Linus Tech Tips has a video on using fold@home for Covid-19 -