Using URIs to link to Blueprint nodes

Hey guys, I’ve got a pretty straight-forward feature request that, out of past experience in another engine, I know would prove itself useful: Linking to Blueprint nodes via URI links.

The idea is that users can

  1. Right-click on any node that’s placed in Blueprint
  2. Select a ‘Copy URI address’ option
  3. Paste a plaintext link that, when clicked, opens that script and focuses the view onto the node

Use case examples:

  • Communicating with other devs

  • If I’ve been digging into an issue for a while and would like some help from my team, I can include a URI link alongside my help request to point out the exact location, within a script, where I need help.

  • Personal task lists

  • If I’m scripting a system or something, I typically have a personal to-do and ‘to revisit’ list. Allowing me to link myself to the nodes I need to look at helps assure me that I won’t miss anything before submitting.

  • When creating bugs

  • Nodes can be linked in bugs/tasks and directly navigated to, from browser-to-editor, to point out specific nodes

Thanks in advance