Using unreal for independent short

hey! new here and new to unreal, I am a student of animation and I was thinking of getting into it so i could use it for my third and final year short movie as a student.
so couple of questions: (maybe I am at the wrong tab)

Is there any royalties I need to think of if I use UE for rendering a short movie? and if i send it to festivals and so on?

what do you think of using UE only for rendering? is it able to export an Image sequence?

is there something I need to know or change with my work flow of animating in Maya and importing the animations into UE?

any good source for starters like me who doesn’t want to make games? maybe for cinematics?


No royalties for rendered media.

UE is excellentas a rendering platform. Lots of examples of Unreal being used for digital sets and animated feature films. My opinion though a video card that supports ray trace is a requirement.

For a starter read up on the virtual production features available in the Unreal 4 engine.

Unreal is no longer limited to video games and is become more of a real time interactive rendering environment :wink: