Using Unreal Engine in School and Education settings

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before the release of the Unreal Engine 4 you were able to download the UE 3 for free and it has been legal to use it for non commercial purposes and for the purpose of teaching others. So my question is: Where can I download the UE 3? Because the entire website has changed. Or is it possible to use the UE 4 for teaching a small group at school and if I can download it, where do I find it?

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UE4 can certainly be used in schools even with only one subscription. I’m pasting here the relevant FAQ entry:

I’m a professor. How do I get the Unreal Engine into students’ hands?
All academic institutions are permitted to install the Unreal Engine on all of their computers and allow all users, such as students, working on those computers to use the engine.

If a student wants to install on a personal laptop, or to release a product developed on an academic computer, they must sign up for a subscription.

Information on UDK can be found here: Unreal Engine 3 Features - Unreal Engine

Hi Canon,
There is another issue which is something that we have tried to resolve through email, but have had no satisfactory answer.

We understand that all the faculty and students are able to use the same license, however using this one login gives students direct access to be able to change the billing information, credit card information, or to purchase items through the marketplace without permission from the institution.

Is there a way to have multiple logins, but have one parent login and multiple child logins which do not allow access to purchase items through the store?

Unfortunately, at the moment we do not have the capability of parent/child log-ins, although we are looking towards something like that in the future. One solution for the time being is to have the student computers logged off generally and a school administrator can log each computer in to run an update when updates come around.

We’re having the same trouble and would appreciate some guidance. It seems that students need the common username and password to use the software but this also gives them access to the account. Is there any means of logging the students in automatically without showing them the password? We’re also operating in a networked environment with many computers used by many different students.



Hi Richard,

Complete instructions for your staff and students can be found here:

Essentially you will be installing to multiple computers, then allow the students to access the offline version of the editor which lacks advanced permissions. Student can then use UE4 from their systems without the risk of them altering the account.

Please let us know if you have any further questions.


I think it’s a great idea!