Using Unreal Engine in a TV commercial

Hi there,
Can anyone point me in the right direction to find out the pricing for using content created in Unreal Engine in a TV commercial?
I know if revenues exceed $1,000,000 in game sales result in a 5% royalty to Epic but I can’t find anything on any costs using Unreal Engine in a TV Commercial or online commercial.
Thanks in advance.


Movies created using Unreal Engine accrue no royalties to EPIC. As far as I can tell, you can make all the commercials (and feature films!) you want, and you’d owe them zero dollars by way of only using their engine. (If you have other needs, like support, or using assets they own, or something like that – that has special rules, which you’d probably be aware of once you engage at that level.)

That being said, I’m not a lawyer – your case may be somehow special, in a way that I wouldn’t know about. So, read the license text, and have a lawyer licensed in your area help you decode it, if you’re really worried.

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