Using top down camera and two line traces

So I am having a problem prototyping a top down shooting mechanic where I can shoot specific parts to get head shots or other parts of the body. All I did to make a top down camera is take the thrid person camera raised it above, locked it in place, and tilted it. The hard part was shooting. I was told by someone on a discord server that I need two line traces to get what I want. One from the camera to the mouse and the other to the thrid person character model to the mouse or something. I understand the theory of what I need to do. Not the execution of blueprints or nodes. I can imagine it’s really simple but I cant determine how to get the three model of the third person character so I can get the line trace to start from him. I was also thinking of making a cube attaching it to the players hand, calling it gun. Then when I can maybe use the cube that’s called gun to start the line trace. I feel like I’m close I just don’t know. Also I’m not at my computer right now.