using third-person mesh for a first-person Game (shooter game example)

Hello everyone,

i recently bought the “prototype character” set from the Marketplace and now i would really love to use this mesh in the shooter example. But how do i get it to do what i want? I mean, it uses the default Third person skeleton thats used for the enemy bots, so it shouldn’t be that hard, right?

Personally i am not very skilled in C++, thats why i am using blueprint. So if you have a solution for this problem that works that way, i would be very happy.

Thanks in advance :wink:

First place to start is just finding the character blueprint you want to replace with your new mesh. In the components section, replace the skeletal mesh already there with the one you just bought. Compile and run the game and see what’s broken. Theoretically, the stuff off the Marketplace is supposed to work with the default skeleton so you should be good to go, but I saw some issues in last week’s Twitch stream when a character is set up with a T-Pose and animations start from an A-Pose or vice-versa. If you see strange stuff with animations then you need to look into the animation blueprints and that’s where my knowledge hits a big fat brick wall. Good luck. :slight_smile: