Using the STEAM_CALLBACK macro causes crash on startup?

I don’t know why, but using the STEAM_CALLBACK macro in any class of my project causes a crash while the editor is trying to load:

STEAM_CALLBACK(UST_OCManager, OnPartyInviteReceived_Steam, LobbyInvite_t);

Just having this Macro in my classes header causes a crash in delayhlp.cpp line 323. The callstack is almost empty other than when it calls the Constructor of my class.

So I switched to using the following:

	STEAM_CALLBACK_MANUAL(UST_OCManager, OnPartyInviteReceived_Steam, LobbyInvite_t, OnLobbyInvite);

And manually register the delegate somewhere outside the classes’ constructor.

OnLobbyInvite.Register(this, &UST_OCManager::OnPartyInviteReceived_Steam);

This seems to work. There’s clearly an issue with order of loading here or something :confused: