Using the RebuildHLOD Automation Tool

Sep 17, 2020.Knowledge
Originally written by Ryan B.

Using the RebuildHLOD automation tool
To learn more about UE4 automation tools, please refer to the following documentation. To rebuild HLODs, we use the RebuildHLOD command
A typical command line for this tool would be:

RunUAT.bat RebuildHLOD -project=MyProject -MapsToRebuildHLODMaps=”MapA+MapB” -CommandletTargetName=Win64 - configuration=Development -nobuild -StakeholdersEmailAddresses=[]( -BuildOptions=?

Maps that will have their HLOD rebuilt. You can specify a single map or multiple maps separated by a “+”

You can specify multiple options using “+” between them.

  • Clusters Rebuild clusters if they aren’t up to date
  • Proxies Rebuild HLOD meshes if clusters or referenced assets have changed
  • ForceClusters Force a rebuild of all clusters
  • ForceProxies Force a rebuild of all meshes
  • ForceEnableHLOD Force enable HLOD for the specified level(s)
  • ForceSingleCluster Force the level to use a single cluster