Using the meshes from Shooter Game example

I’m attempting to make a map themed to the Shootergame example. I’ve got the meshes and materials migrated to my project, but most of the meshes have huge offsets on them. I’m guessing because they were exported from a scene in a 3d modeller. Is there a way to reset the center point within UE4? or atleast move them around without having to use the 3d gizmo to move and rotate?

I’m using an older version of blender, so the one model I exported from ue4 was rotated the wrong way

You can right-click on a mesh in the viewport and look for the pivot option. You can move the pivot of the current selected mesh to the location of your mouse. It’s temporary tho, once deselected it will revert to it’s original location. It’s good enough to place your meshes though.

I think I did a pretty good job of copying most of the map, other than some of the details . I wanted to do a lot more customisation, and not just copy the layout, but all the meshes are very purpose-built. I’m terrible at modelling so this will have to do for now. Looks pretty amazing in VR!