Using the foliage-tool inside blueprints?

Is there a way to use the foliage tool inside a blueprint?

I want to create various types of 3D Tiles for my “Dungeon Generator”. I know about instanced static meshes inside a Blueprint, but i don’t want to place every single piece of grass by hand.
Maybe you know an even better way to solve my problem.

Thanks for help :slight_smile:

The foliage tool is a really nice interface for painting hierarchical instanced static meshes (HISMs). There’s nothing special about the instances once they are placed that’s unique to the foliage tool - and you can create HISMs with blueprints.

I believe you can use blutilities to edit the HISMs that already exist in your scene, too - including those placed by the foliage tool.

If you want to use the foliage tool (paint by density, erase, select, etc) inside of a blueprint, I don’t think you can. How would you like your tool to work?

Thats bad…
I just want to place the HISMs (Grass) inside a blueprint. Foliage tool seems to work in the Level-Viewport only.
“Convert selected Components to Blueprint Class” doesn’t work for foliage.

I basically want a moving platform (Blueprint) with grass/plants/foliage on it. The platform is very big, so i need a lot of grass…

There must be a way to do this in unreal… my ideas so far:
1. Convert the foliage to a static mesh (Bad, because i can’t edit the foliage after, good because it may work)
2. Place every grass mesh by hand (yey!)