Using Seamless Travel but transferring data over isn't working for me

Hi there,

I’m trying to use Seamless Travel in a multiplayer game. Players in the lobby screen are using LobbyGameMode, LobbyPlayerController, LobbyPlayerState and LobbyGameState.

When the players are ready to start the play, I initiate travel to Level.
Level has LevelGameMode, LevelPlayerController, LevelPlayerState and LevelGameState. I like this because we no longer need all the lobby functionality anymore so it’s nice to start clean!

There are some bits of data in the LobbyPlayerState that I’d like to pass over to the LevelPlayerState to help spawn the right Pawn that the player has selected in the Lobby level.

My understanding from the documentation is that I need to use the CopyProperties override to copy over the data. But it doesn’t seem to be working. The function is being called and seemingly copying the data over if I use breakpoints, but then on BeginPlay in new Level, the data isn’t there.

Am I understanding the flow correctly? Am I headed in the right direction here, or am I missing somthing crucial?


  • Rich