Using RPM to rotate object

I’m trying to use my vehicle RPM to rotate the vehicle cardan , but the problem is that, when the RPM goes up, the cardan rotates to X positive , and when the RPM goes down, the cardan rotates in negative X. How would it be possible to rotate it just in one direction?

Hi - I’m trying to control the rpm of my vehicle using a blueprint. Can you let me know if you were able to bring RPM into a blueprint and control it like a regular variable ?

Yeah, of course. In your vehicle blueprint, drag the Vehicle Moviment Component from components list to your Event Graph, than, drag a new pin from it and search for “get engine rotation speed”! That’s the RPM

Oh wait, you mean control the vehicle rpm? Can’t understand why, but, rather than control the vehicle rpm, I think it’s better try to modify the engine itself. Can you explain what are you trying to do?

Hi I have a heart-rate sensor attached to the users arm (in the real world not in the video game!). I want the heart rate level to dynamically control the speed of the bicycle but there is no ‘set engine rotation speed’ option. Is there any other setting that could be used instead? I’ve tried linking it up with the Throttle but its not very accurate. Any ideas?

If the bicycle velocity is controlled by heart rate, than I suppose it throttles automatically, given that, let’s say at a HR 70 (heart rate) or below you get normal speed, while playing, if the gamer increase its HR to a desired threshold for any circumstance, you may apply brake - and vice versa - rather than try to throttle only…

Also, take a look - if not yet - to throttle input rate and brake input rate, in your movement component details panel.

ah - ok I understand your logic. Get the heart-rate to control the brake instead of the speed. As long as the brakes can be adjusted at run time! Hopefully there is a node “set vehicle brake level” that exists. (I’m not near my pc but I’ll check on Monday). Thanks

Have found a way. Took only the cardan shaft and exported as a separated mesh, but related to the truck’s root pivot. Imported to my truck blueprint as a static mesh, it was placed perfectly in it’s position automatically, because of pivot position. After that, use Get Engine Rotation Speed to apply rotation. Although it’s was too quick, was just a matter of division to find the ideal rotation speed.