Using Reallusion


searching for a solution for lip syncing I found iClone 7 from Reallusion.
I installed the trial version and I’ve been playing around with it for a few days now. The program works really good even on a custom mesh with bad facial expression mapping.
So when I want to use the animations that I made with iClone 7 commercially, I would need to contact the marketing and apply for free mass distribution rights.
Has anyone been through this process ? Would like to know how this application process work, how long would it take (roughly). Are you facing any limitations after releasing your game with RL content in it ? Would like to read your story.

It takes a few days, did not released the game yet. More from the EULA:
To get the free mass distribution rights for using Reallusion content, developers and vendors must first register their game or application information with Reallusion (please contact marketing AT, in order to receive the license agreement letter. Please provide evidence of using Reallusion content in your project or products (such as product or service page URL, or credit announcement) and confirm if the credit disclosure is included.

Ok, cool. Would like to read about the process once you release your game. I sometimes worry that they would suddenly reject the application or something like that.


We won’t reject any application if the project doesn’t breach our EULA. Feel free to contact us at Thank you!

Ok, thanks for the info.