Using print_string for debug with VR


I can’t see “print_string” with oculus neither the output to log on standalone.

anyone knnow if there are any way for change print_string location?

Ah, I asked the same question in this thread and got an answer. I’m not too experienced but I think it means to send all your print strings to your hud which is probably more tricky than it sounds. Will try it later.

Looking at Print String commands hurts my eyes on the rift! - VR and AR Development - Unreal Engine Forums!

i using that now, print to hud and clear after 0.5s, but i want something that scroll the text like print_string. I think i must create a better function for print to hud debug messages.

Just add a text render in front of your character and create your own print_string function that displays the text. This gives you perfect control of text location, size, font, color and how long text should be displayed.
When I package my game for shipping I just set the text render to invisible so the end users never see all my debugging text.