Using Post Process Volume for scenes with no post processing?


I am working on an unlit scene for a mobile project, there will be no lights, no lightmaps, no post-processing. So I am using Tappy Chicken as a reference project in some areas. And one thing made me curious: it’s using unlit materials only, and no post processing, but… it still has a post process volume defined in the scene.

What are the reasons behind it? Should we always define a post process volume with zero values or creating no post process volume at all is also ok? How does it affect performance, especially on low-end mobile devices? Are there any other consequences of using or not using the post process volume?

If you have Mobile HDR off, there will be no post-processing code running, so you should be good :slight_smile:

thx for the response

so it looks like that common sense is enough, no need for overthinking :slight_smile: