Using Matinee Actions in Blueprints

Hi there,

I’m trying to dynamically set an Actor on a Matinee Group. I’ve found this in the documentation:

Does anyone know how to actually use get this Matinee Action node to use in a Blueprint? I can’t work out where to get it from?


  • Rich

Matinee works in Level Blueprint only. You’ll have to wait for Sequencer for more functionality.

Thanks for the quick reply.

Does that mean this functionality they are talking about in the documentation quote isn’t working yet?
Is there a way to pass an actor into a Matinee group using the Level Blueprint instead?

Sure, as long as the actor is already inside the level. Select the actor in your level > Open Matinee > Create New Group > Right click on the group > Actors > Add selected actors.

What if the Actor is already in the level, but you don’t know which one yet?

Here’s the situation…
I have 5 actors that I control. One of the Actors triggers a trigger volume. On triggering, I want to play a matinee cut scene where the Actor that triggered the volume plays animations.

Is there a way to pass the triggering Actor to a group in the Matinee using the Level Blueprint? Or is that what I will need Sequencer for?
Apparently you could do it in UE3 with the Trigger Instigator and an Actor reference.