Using LightMass for Dynamic Instances of Meshes

The game levels I’m designing are built at run-time out of instances of template mesh sets being placed by the user. These templates are large enough that I’d say most of the lighting will come from static lighting from within the template itself and not external sources. What I’d like to do is:

  1. Layout the template in Unreal
  2. Turn on “light as if static”
  3. Bake the light into the template
  4. Delete that template from the level
  5. Create instances of that template WITH the baked lighting still present at runtime

Is this kind of workflow possible?

I know I can achieve similar results by baking the lighting in via 3DS Max but I’d prefer not to have to duplicate the layout and lighting setup workflow in 2 separate apps.

It doesn’t support it, it’s not a technical issue, but the engine will invalidate things if they are changed and it doesn’t save lighting with stuff like that.

Okay thanks. If it becomes an issue I’ll have to include some bake some lighting information into textures and then apply it in the material shader.