Using large SM as terrain


For the project I’m working on, I decided to make a big rock wall as one continuous Static Mesh that I would sculpt in Mudbox.
A quick test revealed problems with collision generation for such mesh. Convex decomposition with Accuracy 1.0 takes forever and results are still unusable (see pic).

Can I import manually-created collision mesh? Or is there a better way for creating walls like this?

You could create your own collision mesh, but usually what people do is use the terrain tools and if needed you can create a set of static meshes for things like rocks. For terrain the static meshes aren’t quite fully functional

Thank you for replying!

Terrain tools don’t seem like an option since I will need parts of terrain to be vertical or even overhung. I also considered building everything from a lot of same “rock” meshes, but I would really like to have smooth continuous walls.

I’ll try to go with custom collision model. If that doesn’t work, I’ll have to swith to “a lot of meshes” approach.

You can create vertical terrains and then use static meshes for the overhung part :slight_smile: