Using Flight template, but trying to get my yaw not to affect my pitch.

Searched for this, and have not come up with a solution. I’m using the Flight template to create a new game. I’ve altered my roll rate (was way too slow for my tastes), but I have one other issue that I still cannot fix:

The UFO can fly straight as an arrow, but whenever I turn, it suddenly wants to start a slow plummet to the ground. This is not the behavior I want. I really don’t want to reinvent the wheel here, but maybe I have to. Is there a way (using the default blueprint) that I can not have my yaw affect my pitch? I don’t want to go up or down unless the player specifically tells the craft to pitch up or down. (i.e. If I turn left or right, that’s all it should do. The ship should roll in the current direction, and turn in that direction. Pitch should not be affected. I’m coming up at a loss. Everything I’ve tried to do hasn’t been working. (even removing the “steering decreases pitch” section from the blueprint. Maybe I’m just getting too old to deal with math anymore. LOL)

Hopefully you can understand what I mean and help out on this.



I know what’s happening now. When I turn to, say, the right, my roll naturally changes the whole orientation of the ship so that as I roll to the right, the right side lowers and my turn wants to continue on turning to the right in this new orientation which means since the right side is now lowered towards the ground, I’m going to turn towards the ground. I guess I just need to find a way to reverse this natural behavior and as I roll to the right, I need to add an equal turn to the left (or, I guess, more specifically pitch upwards) to balance it out. (If that makes sense. My mind is mush right now, and even though I know what I’m talking about, I’m probably doing a horrible job of putting it into writing.) Any suggestions would be appreciated, but I’m going to keep trying things.

You know what? I’m just going to have to ditch the template and do my own from scratch. I’ve fought with this for hours which is more time than I needed to.