Using Editable Text Box with MetaHumanSDK

I’m new to Unreal Engine and Blueprints, so if anyone can help me I would appreciate.
I’m using MetaHumanSDK plugin for TTS and Lipsync. I made a very simple UI for the user to input a text in a Editable Text box.
What I’m trying to do is from the Blueprint Character (BPCH_Character) get the text content from the Editable Text box that is in the Blueprint Widget (BPW_UI). So, I created a variable of BPW_UI type in the BPCH_Character and then I can have access to the TextBox variable (Editable Text) to get the onTextCommited event.
What I want to do is that every time the text is commited the TTS gets update. I get a print from my class, but I really don’t know if I doing this the right way. I don’t receive any error from the output log too.