Using distance field AO messes up with lightmaps in VR

I didn’t get Lightmass lightmaps or distance field AO itself any more in VR over Vive with 4.14.0 if I switch on distance field AO in project with movable Skylight.
They are simply gone, the scene appears way to bright.
In Editor:

In Vive:

I pinpoint the problem to distance field AO switched on in project and Skylight set to movable in order to use it.

The whole feature seems to just be disabled when you are in VR, so it is probably not supported yet.

yep probably you are right here . …

Distance field AO AND normal lightmaps are BOTH off in VR if dfAO is on. It could be a bug.

Well, if you use DFAO, then the sky light does not go in the lightmap at all, as it is computed purely in realtime.

Looks like it won’t be fixed any time soon - Unrealengine123 has put the case for DFAO in VR being a bug and Epic has entered it:

See bug here: