Using Different State Machines?

I’ve only ever used one state machine for animations, but this time i have a character with a unique attack animation for each weapon and I’m going to add combos later. Would having a separate state machine for attacks be easier and if so, how would you set one up? Especially curious about for combos.

I was thinking I’d blend it with the movement state machine but is it even easier? Should I just pack everything into one state machine? How would you handle this because there’s a lot going on in this Anim BP

In my opinion state machines work well for locomotion states, walking running skipping jumping crouching,and montages using slots and layer blend per bone for action states, firing melee.

Depending on how many weapons you wish to included you can make a custom weapons BP that could contain all of the required elements needed per weapon and pass (cast) for the info upon possession and unique to that weapon.