Using cars with crash and collision physics

Hi my name is DON I need help with sequence recording. I am new to UNREAL ENGINE 4. I have made a few levels with characters using mixamo animations. I am now working on level using cars with crash and collision physics. I need the cars to have damage when they crash. In PLAY mode I can get the cars to crash and all the physics work perfectly. When I record and play the SEQUENCE, the collision damage is not there. I have viewed many youtube videos and unreal documentation to find a fix for this problem. I have been stuck for a week trying to find an answer. Some have said that this is not possible, but with such a powerful program that’s hard to believe.
I have videos of my problem

Video I = this is the level using PLAY while recording
Video 2 = this is the level after recording.

If anyone can help it I would appreciate it very much.