Using blueprints within a recurrsive combo system?

I have a combo system I’m using for the players and eventually the bots. All it is, is a collection of ‘Combo’ that contains the button to press and the animation to run.

A combo has a collection of combo i.e. a list of potential buttons for the player to press next. An example could be like this:

Exapmle Combo.PNG

E links to F and G
G links to E again
and F links to Q

As you can see this diagram could easily become a blueprint. I would like to know how I would go about making this basic c++ class (currently doesn’t have a header file) into a blueprint that the game developer can drag onto the blueprint of the player and add to and change at any point.

Here’s the class (need to work out strings ect):

#pragma once

class Combo

		ComboID = 1;
		//ComboButton = "";
		ComboDamageScaling = 1;
		ComboDelay = 1;
		//ComboAnim = "swim_rt_rif";

	int ComboID;
	float ComboDamageScaling;
	float ComboDelay;
	TArray<Combo*> ComboList;
	//string ComboButton;
	//Name ComboAnim;
	//SoundCue SwordClank;

	void Add(Combo ComboToAdd)
		if (ComboList.Length > 0)
			ComboList[ComboList.Length] = ComboToAdd;
			ComboList[0] = ComboToAdd;

Just as an example the player might have a property like this, where the first combo is assigned to:

Combo * StartingCombo;

Any help making this work in blueprints would be great. If it comes to it I can always make it in code :smiley:

Just updated the title. makes a lot more sense :smiley: