Using Blueprints to alter the players YAW by a set amount

so, I’m working on a dungeon-crawler type game, where the player can rotate their yaw position in increments of 90 degrees using the arrow keys. I have attached my blueprint on how I am trying to achieve this, however it isn’t working. At the moment it does nothing.
The print-string node prints off the current yaw value, which DOES alter in increments of 90, however the actor itself does not rotate. There are all done within the “My Character” blueprint for the fps template.
I hope that’s enough info for you to go on, if not, please let me know

Also forgot to mention that my defaul value for the “Desired Rotation” is 0

Okay, this was really odd, but it turns out that it was merely the CAMERA that wasn’t rotating, the actual character capsule was. So, with this in mind I simply turned off “Use Pawn Control Rotation” in the Details panel of the MyCharacter Viewport. This now works perfectly.