Using AutomationLib.take_high_res_screenshot() on a secondary camera/scenecapture


I am tryin to screen capture from a camera placed on a drone (not 3rd person default camera).
Right now I have a script (shown below) running every 5 seconds when in play, however It only takes an image of the third person camera and not the other camera.

Using this for a computer vision program related to wildfire detection and mapping.

import unreal
from datetime import datetime, time

class AutomationLib(unreal.AutomationLibrary):

datetime_current ="%H:%:M:%S")
AutomationLib.take_high_res_screenshot(756,512,"drone_capture" + datetime_current + ".png",camera=None, mask_enabled=False,capture_hdr=False,comparison_tolerance=unreal.ComparisonTolerance.LOW,comparison_notes='')