Using archive footage of Epic Games' "Behind-The-Scenes" stuff for Education

Hi Canon (Or whoever ends up answering this!)

I was just wondering who I’d contact to talk to about seeking permission to use archive footage of “Behind-the-scenes” or “Making of” footage of old Epic Games’ games on a non-commerical website.

The reasoning behind is is that I want to do this is for educational purposes (Non-commercial of course): I want to upload some of the older / unavailable “Behind-the-scenes” videos (Any that exist anyway) to help teach about experience in the video-games industry to the website to help further expand the educational opportunities available to developers that use the website. (KITATUS)

The website is 100% free (No advertisements or other revenue-generating avenues) and so the work will be shared on the website non-commercially.

Naturally, While researching, I discovered that some places allow the use of a “Fair Use” claim but I would rather like to get permission (For obvious reasons) as opposed to using the “Fair Use” argument (As I’d obviously have to contact a legal representative to continue down that route; I’d rather just find the person to ask upfront).

As KITATUS is a UE4 developers website; I’d thought it would be really helpful to get some archive footage of previous Unreal Engine games to help teach video-game development to as many people as possible in a fun and exciting way.

If it can’t be done; It can’t be done - Then I’ll have to try and find out what I can do via fair use; But I thought it’d be awesome to make KITATUS that more helpful to developers everywhere by giving them an insight to how Epic Games used to create video-games.

I understand that footage for games Epic Games no longer “Own” would be unavailable (Gears of War .etc) but I’d love permission to use anything to help teach as many people as I can about video-game development.

Thanks for readin’ this big wall of text!

  • Ryan S, Kitatus Studios

I think Epic’s Fan Art/Fan Site policy covers this ( Basically, if you are running a fan site that is non-commercial and clearly marked as unofficial (i.e., not sponsored by Epic), you are permitted to use our copyrighted materials under those terms. I think that would include old making of videos.

That’s awesome; Thanks Canon! :slight_smile: