Using 2 Gampads and 2 Player Controllers

Hey there. I can create a second player by using “create player” and that does work with both game pads just fine. However, I’d like to use my custom player controllers instead. The problem I’m having is when I do this, I can’t get gamepad 2 and player controller 2 to work. Both player controllers are active, and there are 2 characters spawned. Possess doesn’t seem to help either. From what I’m reading this is a common issue but I haven’t found a solid solution.

I’ve tried using create player with the bspawncontroller unchecked and then manually setting the controller. That doesn’t work.
I’ve tried spawning actors from class to get both players in but again, assigning the controller/gamepad is not working.
I’ve tried having each player controller cast to the respective players in the world and possess and that hasn’t worked.

The only thing that seems to work is letting create player do all the work and use the default controller. Which is not the approach I’m going for.

Since nobody has answered, and all of my research shows the same thing, I assume no one knows. That being said, I dug a little deeper into the program and figured out a method that I’m pleased with. If anyone needs help with this, please feel feel to check out my tutorial series here: UE4 - How to Use a Gamepad with a Widget? - Part 1 - YouTube it covers both gamepad UMG setup and how to connect 2 gamepads in a local game with the ability to utilize menus and character select screens. I just posted the first part. The next few should be up inside a week.