UserWidget - PlayerController - GameMode - Actor/ActorComponent communication

Are there best practices available for setting up communication between an Actor/ActorComponent and a HUD (UMG Widget in C++) that shows values of that Actor and sending actions from user input to the Actor?

Something like HUD sends signal to PlayerController -> PlayerController to network (?) as well as to the Actor and conversely. So having the PlayerController (or the GameMode?) as mediator. Or are there classes available as UI <-> game logic interface or something like Triggers -> Events? I’d like that the UMG Widget knows as little as possible/nothing about the Actor.

I’m quite new to UE4 (just using it since 9 months) so sorry for so much questions in one place.

I’ve did it with delegates for now:

  • UserWidget class contains delegates
  • Delegates are set in PlayerController using the correponding methods of the PlayerPawn

This works for me at the moment. If someone has better/more elaborated insights please share. Thanks!