Usefull C++ Extensions

Hi Unreal Community,

we are currently trying to optimize our workflow. Would be great to know which Ides you are using and which extensions.
At the moment we are using Visual Studio 2015 and Visual Assist. What we are looking for are:

  1. Code Analysis
  2. Style Checker
    As soon as we get to a great solution I want to wrap this up to a wiki article for the whole community.

Cheers Pascal

VS2015 here

Honestly thats prolly the best IDE for the task, i believe its still the most recommended one on UE4 forums awnserhub and docs, theres a new version comming up/just out that they are looking at supporting in the near future (VS2017/VS15)
It does code analysis and style checking (or, in layman’s terms; it will highlight a lot of problems before u even compile) its not as fast as i would want it to be, but it works.

If you do somehow find something better, do let us know :smiley:

VAssist + Recode should be all you need. Then in terms of style just adhere to what UEs standards are. There is a saying…

There are people who

int function() {

and then there are people who

int function()

both are correct :wink:

Though Epic uses and promotes the latter:

Coding Standards: Braces{}

That was meant as a fun comment not telling anyone how to do things… QUOTE-SELF::: “Then in terms of style just adhere to what UEs standards are” as I am clearly saying above…

@MegaChill : Understood. I was just adding the extra snippet in case anyone was wondering :slight_smile: