Use Vive controllers for steering a static bike ?

Hi - I’m awaiting delivery of a vive. I’ve never used the controllers on one before so I’m not sure how accurate they are or if they could be used for the following:
Could the controllers be placed on either side of a bicycles handlebars and used to detect steering/rotation. The bike is on a static bike trainer so the handlebars would only be rotating about +/- 15-25 degrees. Do you think this would be possible for a clean real-time result or is there noise that could result in small irregular rotations ? If they are reliable for something like this - is there a node for 3d space movement…ie can their world locations be re-calibrated to 0,0,0 when on the handlebars so that I could get unreal to detect movements of greater than 2 degrees after that ?

I’d say they are sensitive enough that they would pick up vibrations running through the trainer bike so you’d probably want to dampen them or alternatively create some sort of attachments to the top of players wrists rather than the bike. If they lose sight of both lighthouses then they will judder and skip when tracking is re-established.

I’ve not played with them much in the editor yet just testing out various games.