use unreal engine to make short films.

i want to try out unreal engine as my render engine, but i ran into a problem with the animation.
how can i import my rigs or animations into Unreal? i know in the simple way how to do it,
but it wont work with rigs like Bonnie rig, Malcolm or other rigs ment for movies.
i had an idea of caching the geometry of the characters and import that into Unreal, but cant find a way to do it.
does anybody have a solution?

Well to put it out there I’m interested as well in using UE4 to make animated shorts and there are some interesting applications and products that would be well suited for this purpose. As a suggestion what would be nice would be a forum section, like the Architectural Visualization where such ideas can be discuses but an app/product that would be well suited for character development would be Daz Studio from Daz 3D.

Like most applications though there are issues to work around and a learning curve to get through but is worth the effort as a starting point.