Use udk project in Unreal engine 4

hi guys ,

I made some things in udk but i want to start using unreal engine 4 , is it possible to grab my work ( Maps specially) and use them on unreal ?
The questions is , can i use the same things i used before but here un unreal engine 4 or do i need to creat all new (i know meshes i can use) ?.

tks in advance

There’s a tool someone made in the Community Tools section of the forum that helps to move stuff from UDK to UE4. It’s not possible to do everything in a project, but it’s possible to move some things over.

Yeah I think that tool just handles meshes and the like… possibly maps. But any programing you did, kismet or otherwise doesn’t transfer I think.

tks im already downloading it but i guess it can only get my static meshes and textures working not all the map together