Use SceneDepth Collision for Opaque Particle Emitter

Is there any way how I could use SceneDepth Collision for an Opaque Particle? Translucent just looks really bad, and I don’t need any translucency, I just want to have collision. And the new DF collision is not an option since it’s not really working (probably too low global DF resolution).

I understand that this does not work because masked and opaque materials contribute to the depth buffer so they cannot collide with it, but is there no way to just make this specific material not contribute to the depth buffer?

If opaque object won’t write to depth buffer then deferred rendering pipeline can’t calculate shading properly. Depth buffer is used to calculate each pixel world position and that is used for about every single deferred effect. Translucent is your only option for this.

For opaque particles you just could use CPU particles and PhysX collisions. Collisions are then as good as your collisions meshes.