Use of PlayerController and GameMode

Hey all.

So i get confused as to what the actual purpose of each of the playercontroller and gamemode classes are and i feel like i don’t use them properly.
The PlayerController: Would movement logic and and collision setup and stuff go in this whilst gameplay specific stuff like health be in the players pawn ?
And what about the game mode. is it used to control the game state of each level ?

I Would just like some examples of how others and more experienced people utiliise them as I never really know what the best way to do things regarding these are.
most of the time I tend to just ignore them and put all the gameplay logic and stuff in the players pawn and in a seperate manager.
The simple game course has all this information.

In essence, yes. the player controller should contain and control all input, while passing the actions off to the character via interface.
the GameController is useful for storing stuff you wish to save in a save game. anything related to player progress for instance…

Ok seems pretty simple, maybe I was just over complicating it in my head. thanks for the reply :slight_smile: