Use Oculus Touch as Virtual Joystick.

Hi, just out of curiosity I would love to use the Flying template and make the oculus touch the main movement controller, but I can’t see how to output the x,y and z values of the touch controller in order to navigate the ship. All I see are button values, but no axis values. Where do I have to look up to?

Thanks in advance!

Hello Olistreet,

Here is a link to one of the UE forum post for Oculus Control Mapping. I hope this helps and you find what you are looking for here.

Thanks ameygumaste, I’ve asked there, but in the diagram showed all I see is button values and capacitive touch values no axis information.

in your VR character blueprint, if that’s where you are adding your MotionController component, all you need to do is create another component as a child of the motion controller component. then, anytime you need motion controller location data, you can just grab the ‘get world location’ of the component you added as a child to the motion controller. i’m assuming you’re trying to do something like in the lab where they used the controller as a spaceship location? if not that, then maybe i’m misinterpreting what you’re trying to do.

Yeah paradoc the lab joystick example it’s what I’m aiming for, I’ll give it a go with the child motion controller component and the get world location, thank you very much!!!