Use Headset In Editor?

Can the Gear VR headset be used in editor, similar to the Oculus Rift? Or do you need to package your project every time to preview changes?

Also, I am very new to developing for VR and mobile and I know that for Gear VR you need to start with C++ project. Can Blueprints still be used in a C++ project for Gear VR?


Hi ScrotieFlapWack,

You have some old outdated information there - blueprint only projects work for GearVR since around version 4.10. (and blueprint and C++ projects can be mixed)

But to your main question: No the headset cannot be used to view in editor - it must be packaged.

Awesome thanks for the info!

I watch the ‘Up & Running With Gear VR’ Twitch stream. I was wondering where can I find more up to date information?

Here is the link:

It seems the set up required for a UE4 project for Gear VR has now changed. Would I still need to follow the video set by step (apart from making my project a C++ one) does everything else in the video still apply and is still the same process for setting up a project for Gear VR?


Hey ScrotieWack,

With recent UE4 updates, you no longer have to use a C++ project for Gear VR and can now use either C++ or Blueprints. I am actually in the process of updating all of the VR documents to reflect all of the recent changes. However a lot of what you find in the current docs will still apply so please do not be afraid to use them. Finally, if you run into something that doesn’t work or if you find something that is confusing please let me know so I can make sure it gets some extra love in the doc pass.



I am having an issue packaging my project. I’ve followed along the video and the steps that are shown. When I package my project (which is just the FPS Template - BP Version) I get an error saying ‘Unknown Cooking Failure’. I’ve gone back through all the required steps and everything is set up completely correct and to the letter :smiley:

Not to sure why I am getting this cooking issue.