Use a media video (media texture) as a texture atlas

Hi there !

This is my problem , let’s say I have 100 meshes which I play like a flipbook by switching their visibility and I want to avoid to use 100 different texture because it will require to much memory if I increase frame number( meshe + texture )
then I want to try to load a video of all those texture synced with the meshe frame.

The problem is the delay between the moment when you call the play function of the mediaplayer and
the time when the video realy start creating an desync of the texture readed and the meshe by few millisecond.

So my plan was to dump each frame of the video texture into an array of canvas and then use them my meshes but there is still this problem with the media player when I use the seek function the texture don’t update.

If someone have a better idea of what i’am trying to achieve or something to be more precise and efficiant with the media player I’ll be very thankfull , thank you !

ps : sorry for the english :slight_smile: