USD & Instancing

Hey all,

I know USD support is still in beta, but I’ve been playing around with it and for single static meshes its great but one of the biggest benefits (for me anyway) is the formats really efficient use of instancing. Which at the moment doesn’t appear to be supported in the editor, instead of creating an instanced static mesh etc it imports every instance as its own individual static mesh!

Just wondering if I’m doing something wrong and there is a way to get an instanced mesh into unreal or if support just isn’t here yet?

I wouldn’t think that support for the USD format would go beyond just getting content into the engine. Instancing/batching is a feature that is integrated deep into the engine itself. There is some of that in the engine, by default if you reuse a mesh it will only be in memory once, but to reduce draw calls you need to use Instanced Static Mesh in Blueprints.